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The Milepost
[Trip Planner for Alaska, Yukon, BC, NT]

A u t o r : Kris Valencia Graef
V e r l a g :Morris Com. Corp.
I S B N : 1892154102
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 768 Seiten - Die Bibel - das Muß; unentbehrlich für die Reise- und Routenplanung. Sämtliche Highways detailliert mile-to-mile aufgeführt, mit genauster Beschreibung; RV-Parks, Campgrounds, Lodges, Motels, Hotels, Sehenswürdigkeiten usw.
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[Lonely Planet]

A u t o r : Jim DuFresne
V e r l a g :Lonely Planet
I S B N : 0864427549
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 520 Seiten - Lonely Planet guides are the best, and this is no exception. If you are planning a trip to Alaska that has nothing to do with the typical watered down, spoonfed stuff that the tour guides serve up to the geriatric set as "the Real Alaska", then you must get this book. I have used it for two trips up north; I was working in salmon canning plants and on fishing boats to pay my way around, and with this book, I had the most wonderful adventures I've ever had.
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Travelers Guide Alaskan Camping
[ Explore Alaska and the Yukon With Rv or Tent]

A u t o r : M.+T. Church
V e r l a g :Rolling Homes
I S B N : 0965296822
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 416 Seiten - I found this book to be more informative than the Milepost, as it is better organized and shows campgrounds and facilities that are of interest to those people who are planning to camp with RV or tent. The book shows all campgrounds in each section of road traveled and also describes activities that are available in the area. It is informative and clearly written with excellent directions for locating attractions.
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Lure of the Quest

A u t o r : John Balzar
V e r l a g :Headline
I S B N : 0747271453
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 300 Seiten - This is the Yukon Territory, the start of the annual Yukon Quest, a 1025-mile dog-sled race which ends in the heart of Alaska. Award-winning journalist John Balzar decides that he too must take part in this epic event, and this book tells the story of his adventures, dramatically depicting the wild country, the extreme cold and the solitary ordeal of the drivers and dogs who commit to the race.
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Murder on the Yukon Quest
[An Alaska Mystery]

A u t o r : Sue Henry
V e r l a g :Avon Books
I S B N : 0380788640
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 305 Seiten - This book is a mystery but is much more about the amazing people and place involved in one of the hardest spoting events the Yukon Quest. The mystery is suspenseful but the race is captivating. Having just recently relocated to south-central Alaska, I not only find Sue Henry's mysteries a good read but a fun way to gather information.
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My Lead Dog Was a Lesbian
[Mushing Across Alaska in the Iditarod]

A u t o r : Brian Patrick O'Donoghue
V e r l a g :Vintage Books
I S B N : 0679764119
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : ... Seiten - This book was hard to put down. Every time I started to read, I wanted to know what happened next. Every chapter was a new adventure for Brian O'Donoghue. I have a deep respect for what he did. I can only imagine how it was attempting to finish the "Last Great Race", the Iditarod. This is a TRUE story about determination and strong will power to accomplish one thing, finish the Iditarod.
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Native Peoples of Alaska
[A Traveler's Guide to Land, Art, and Culture]

A u t o r : Jan Halliday, Patricia J. Petrivelli
V e r l a g :Sasquatch Books
I S B N : 1570611009
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 320 Seiten - The guidebook helps you plan, by telling you where to find Native-led tours of lands they've occupied from 6,000-10,000 years; museums, interpretive centers, where and how to buy authentic Native art, public art collections containing traditional and contemporary Native art and even where to buy jams and jellies made by Natives from wild berries picked from their own lands
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[A Tale from the Iditarod]

A u t o r : Robert J. Blake
V e r l a g :Putnam Publishing Group
I S B N : 0399227989
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : My kids thoroughly enjoyed this story of the dog who refused to give up when it becomes injured during the race and runs the Iditarod trail alone. The pictures are absolutely beautiful as well. There is plenty of action and suspense, and my children beg to hear it every night!
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Adventures of the Iditarod Air Force
[True Stories About the Pilots Who Fly for Alaska's Famous Sled Dog Race ]

A u t o r : Ted Mattson
V e r l a g :Epicenter Press
I S B N : 0945397593
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : I purchased this book for my father, for Father's Day, and it turns out he has a personal connection to one of the book's subjects. I could not have been more pleased! He has been reading it voraciously and enjoying every page. Dad's are always hard to buy for and it's great to hit the nail on the head once in awhile
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[The Wild Beauty of Denali National Park]

A u t o r : Erwin A. Bauer, Peggy Bauer
V e r l a g :Sasquatch Books
I S B N : 1570612099
B u c h b e s p re c h u n g : 80 Seiten - Erwin and Peggy Bauer's Denali provides a stunningly beautiful portrait of the park by two wildlife photographers. An essay describes the park's history but it's the photos which captivate in this small but powerful offering.
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Alaska Atlas & Gazetteer

A u t o r : Delorme Publishing
V e rl a g :Delorme Publishing
I S B N : 0899332897
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : This is the only collection of detailed topographic maps covering all of Alaska! The majestic mountains, immense glaciers, endless forests and countless other features that make the 49th state such a special place all stand out in bold detail on these rich, full-color maps.
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Hiking Alaska

A u t o r : Dean Littlepage
V e rl a g :Falcon Press
I S B N : 1560445513
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 388 Seiten - We just used this book as a primary source on a recent trip to Southern Alaska. The book's description of hikes was extremely accurate and helpful. We particularly enjoyed the very accurate directions to trailheads and the elevation profiles, which gave a good sense of the hikes' difficulty. The book's focus on issues such as the clarity of trail markings and the variation in the hike experience during different times of the year gave the book extra value.
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Alaska Fishing
[Foghorn Outdoors]

A u t o r : Rene Limeres, Gunnar Pedersen
V e rl a g :Foghorn Press
I S B N : 0935701516
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 704 Seiten - Well written, entertaining and easy reading! This sturdy paperback reference is encyclopedic in the thoroughness with which it covers Alaskan fishing. The authors have broken Alaska down into logical regions and present the fishing opportunities for each. This "bush" manual conveys both a sense of sportsmanship and conservation.
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Alaska at Your Own Pace
[Traveling by RV Caravan]

A u t o r : Bernice Beard
V e rl a g :Arbor House
I S B N : 0965306380
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 272 Seiten - My second book by Bernice Beard in my quest to gather all the information possible before buying my first motor home this is one of the easiest reading books that I have read. It contains information that is valuable to me in making a choice of whether to buy an RV for full time living and travel plus some of the pleasant and unpleasant things to look forward to when I do decide to make the big step.
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Alaska Best Places
[Restaurants, Lodging and Adventure]

A u t o r : Nan Elliot
V e rl a g :Sasquatch Books
I S B N : 1570611807
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 336 Seiten - Best Places Alaska is an outstanding travel guide that features only the 'best' restaurants, lodgings, and destinations in Alaska, including guides and outfitters in its lists of recommendations for particular Alaskan regions. An excellent, involving survey of Alaska's best places, Best Places Alaska is a recommended take-along tote.
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Alaska by Cruise Ship
[Complete Guide to the Alaska Cruise Experience]

A u t o r : Nakano/Kelly...
V e rl a g :Ocean Cruise Guides
I S B N : 0969799152
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 350 Seiten - This beautiful guide book to the cruising experience in Alaska includes over 350 maps, illustrations and photos - most in color. This new edition of Alaska by Cruise Ship also has a giant pull-out color map
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Cruising Alaska
[A Traveller's Guide to Cruising Alaskan Waters]

A u t o r : Larry H. Ludmer
V e rl a g :Hunter Publishing
I S B N : 1556508492
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 144 Seiten - This guide to cruising Alaska contains concise, easy-to-read information on every Alaskan bound cruise-ship, covering stateroom size, dining arrangments... Included are: cruising itineraries for each vessel with the pros and cons of each route; walking tours for all ports of call with maps and details of museums and historical tours; coverage of smaller boats which are able to take passengers very close to the glaciers.
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[A History of the 49th State ]

A u t o r : Claus-M Naske, Herman E. Slotnick
V e rl a g :University of Oklahoma Press
I S B N : 080612573X
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : Although I am not from Alaska, nor have I ever visted it, I found this book very enjoyable. I was looking to learn more about the history of Alaska and boy did I. This is a big book and it provides alot of information from the prehistoric era right up to the late 20th century. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get a feel for the history of this very interesting state.
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[City Smart]

A u t o r : Donna Freedman
V e rl a g :John Muir
I S B N : 1562615114
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 212 Seiten - "City Smart Anchorage" has won a bronze medal in the 16th annual L. Thomas Travel Journalism Competition, a national contest sponsored by the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation. Comments: "An especially common-sense book that is well organized, concisely written and with much useful information...Contains a lot of "dos and don'ts" and local terms and trivia that will help a visitor quickly feel at home."
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Cooking Alaskan

A u t o r : Alaska Northwest
V e rl a g :Alaska Northwest
I S B N : 0882402374
B u c h b e s p r e c h u n g : 500 Seiten - Where else can you find recipes for Canadian Lynx Stew and Sauteed Salmon Steaks in the same place. Or, how about Sea Cucumber Fritters or Spruce Grouse with Blueberries. This cookbook is a mixture of "normal" and exotic recipes for ALL fish, shellfish, game, game birds, and edible plants that are available in Alaska. All of the recipes are excellent and most are entertaining just to read.
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